Our Food Philosophy

by Uri Triest

My food philosophy is a balance between nature and the artistic manipulation of it. Respect and love of excellent, fresh, and seasonal products, masterfully extracted and redesigned to give the diner a unique and thought through experience.

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Menu Impression

Ross offers two seasonally changing menus, you can choose a three or five course experience, or make up your own from our a la carte options. We gladly consider allergies, dietary restrictions, and general food aversions, please let us know in advance if any such exist, to ensure your evening with us will be optimal. We work constantly on testing and improving new ideas, therefore changes in the menu are possible.

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Who we are?

Sascha Bewersdorff &  Uri Triest

Restaurant Ross open its doors for the first time on August 18th 2015. The founders Uri Triest and Sascha Bewersdorff met not long before in Berlins new Hotspot „Crackers“.

Uri Triest
, born in Israel, moved to Berlin at 20, Uri decided to trade arts, from music into cooking. In the following few years worked in Ruben and Carla, Soho house, and managed now closed Jacob´s.

Sascha Bewersdorff
, born in Southern Germany moved to Berlin in 2009. After discovering Rock & Roll he started a gastronomic career that, after exciting stations such as BIX Jazzclub in Stuttgart or Grill Royal, led to opening his own place. Sharing the same philosophy as Uri Ross was born.